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Zinc Sulphate Mono Granular

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  Zinc Sulphate Mono Granular
  Molecular Formula:ZnSO4.H2O
  Feature :1-2mm & 2-4mm creamy white granular
  CAS# : 7446-19-7
  Quality standard: GB/T25865-2010
  H.S code:2833293000

Testing Items Percentage National Standard Internal Standard
Creamy white Creamy white
Zn % >= 33 >=33
Pb % <= 0.001 <= 0.001
As % <=0.0005 <= 0.0005
Cd % <= 0.001 <= 0.0008
Partical size % 1-2mm & 2-4mm 1-2mm & 2-4mm

  The product is creamy white spherical particle, and the particle size with 1-2mm and 2-4mm are available. The particle compression resistance is 2kg. It is made by kneading & granulating zinc sulphate powder. It is easy to absorb moisture, and is soluble in water but not in acetone.
  Quality standard: Zn content can be customized according to customer requirements.