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Analysis of the production process of zinc sulfate

Release time:2017-06-23 Browser: second source: Baidu Wenku
  1, with lower Zinc Oxide (containing more than 40% of the amount of Zn) with sulfuric acid reaction, preparation of zinc sulfate solution.

  2, for the preparation of zinc sulfate solution, the removal of copper and cadmium zinc dust and other impurities, oxidation of iron purification processes such as Potassium Permanganate, prepared seven water zinc sulfate solution.

  Solution 3, then the production of seven water zinc sulfate to two times the displacer, heated to 90 DEG C, adding zinc powder replacement to remove impurities by filtration, clarification, refined zinc sulfate solution, evaporation, precipitation amounts of crystalline, centrifugal dewatering, drying to obtain a water solution of zinc sulfate. After cooling can obtain seven water zinc sulfate.
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