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The production process of zinc sulfate monohydrate

Release time:2017-06-23 Browser: second source: Baidu Wenku
  A zinc sulfate production process: Zinc Oxide, Zinc Oxide, rinse + sulfuric acid leaching reaction, rough filtration to double itch water + iron removal, joined Zinc Oxide, pH, press filter, plus zinc, cadmium removal, press filter, multi effect evaporation, concentration and crystallization, centrifugal dewatering, drying and packaging

  Changsha Kai Rui chemical raw materials procurement procedures in cooperation with zinc sulfate, reputable manufacturers, the procurement of raw materials into the factory after the first inspection of raw materials, and then the raw material warehouse by encoding for later after stacking, quality tracking. Rui Kai in 2007 at the time of buying the most advanced zinc sulfate production equipment and testing equipment, to provide the best quality products and service for customers. In the production of raw materials before the first Zinc Oxide after rinsing; the production process, the use of multi effect evaporator and hot air dryer for evaporation and drying, environmental protection and efficient products, after the completion of the production of spectrophotometer and the product line by Polarographic analyzer by atomic absorption test, inspection qualified prior to shipment.
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