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There are seven water zinc sulfate monohydrate and what different

Release time:2017-06-23 Browser: second source: Baidu Wenku
  Some customers in consultation with our zinc sulfate, zinc sulfate monohydrate is not known and is divided into seven water zinc sulfate, often ask us treasure sea element and seven water zinc sulfate monohydrate and what the difference is the difference in what? The following summary and seven water zinc sulfate monohydrate.

  Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate

  Molecular formula: ZnSO4.H2O (containing one crystalline water per molecule)

  Monohydrate is divided into zinc sulfate powder and Zinc Sulfate Granules powder used for feed and fertilizer additive particles for chemical fertilizer. Zinc content is generally between 33%-35%, the particle size of 2-4mm, there are special requirements, you can purchase with our micro Po custom production.

  Seven water zinc sulfate

  Molecular formula: ZnSO4.7H2O (containing seven crystalline water per molecule)

  Seven water zinc sulfate is crystalline, no powder and granules of so, is used as feed and fertilizer, but the content of seven water zinc sulfate monohydrate was lower than that in 21%-22.5%. Seven water zinc sulfate monohydrate is much lower than the price for the industry because it also is often used to dressing and galvanized.
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